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Brianna Harris -
Modern Professionals Coach

As a young professional herself, Brianna understands the pressures and obstacles individuals face when starting in business. Whether your goal is to optimize productivity by learning time management skills, understand how to turn lack of experience and perhaps confidence into a benefit, or leverage your creativity to stand out in the workplace, Brianna can provide insight. She employs, and shares with you, her expertise in critical thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills: all necessary traits any professional needs to stand out amongst seasoned professionals.

Carl Monsour -
Sales and Origination Coach

Carl believes in working on specifics, not talking in theory. He has risen from being a #1 Loan Officer in a retail platform, to co-heading a wildly successful national Mortgage Company with more than 500 loan officers reporting to him, to starting his own Mortgage Brokerage and building referral relationships from scratch. This 20-year veteran understands mortgage from both an LO and management perspective. Currently a producing manager in a referral-based model, Carl is once again in the forefront of change in the industry, focusing on realtor partners, past clients, and social media marketing to drive his (and his team’s) business. Carl can help you understand how to drive new business and how to create processes to turn sales and originations into a machine working for you.

Fobby Naghmi -
Sales Leadership and Transformation Coach

Fobby believes success includes looking beyond the numbers to find their inner peace we all crave. Having started in the sales industry more than 30 years ago. He understands what it means to be in sales at every level from loan officer to self-made entrepreneur, Fobby has brought his skills to mortgage lenders over the year, each time creating teams originating at peak levels. He takes pride in being focused on the profitability of a loan rather than the loan volume and in maintaining a robust range of skills to support the sales initiative, such as marketing, social media, and all flavors of communications. Learn how to create a vision in a way that generates a realistic game plan to bring your vision to life while providing the support needed to achieve success.

Moe Daniels -
Expert Mortgage & Real Estate Sales Coach

Moe brings a wide array of experience in banking, sales, management, training, and real estate. As a manager of teams, she understands the importance of shared goals, trust, and excellent communication. Moe subscribes to the ears-to-mouth ratio. When we listen twice as much as we speak, there is greater learning and understanding. Intentional listening and being present with the person you are with are powerful and transformative. By fostering a curiosity mindset, we expand our thinking, seek answers, and learn through a variety of modalities. Moe can guide you to the answers you seek. Moe has learned most people underestimate the power within. Her guided, yet gentle approach helps those around her see their inherent worth and capabilities.

Michael Chapman -
The Business Minister

As our on-site counselor, Michael works with professionals who are discovering sabotage to their success, or mental blocks brought on by life adversity. Whether experiencing divorce, depression, business decline, or simply wanting to dive deeper into emotional intelligence, Michael will help unlock blocks through his program. Michael is one of our firm’s greatest resources. His coaching is needed by most professionals at some intersection in their lives.  

Candy Zulkosky - Writing, Tech, and Marketing Coach

Candy wears many hats at 20/20 VSC. As Chief Marketing Officer, she oversees the power of our marketing. She is a tech expert who owns a tech consulting company. The combination of these unique powers and her editing expertise provide broad benefit to our professionals. Whether the goal is to unlock the author in you, to improve branding and marketing, or find a better use of technology and its ROI, she can help.

Andy Tabag -
Financial Forensics Coach

Forecasting and planning for a future in your business requires entrepreneurs to understand their own numbers. Andy is our firm’s Planning and Accountability coach. As an expert analyst Andy guides executives and senior sales teams to build proper analytics and measure desired goals. His expertise in forecasting shows professionals how they can achieve 25-40% lift simply by measuring and reaching their own metrics.  

Jenny Mason -
Peak Performance Coach

Helping professionals who feel stuck get unstuck. Health and wellness, sales acceleration, and performing at the top of your game comes from a place where fitness, vitality, and velocity all matter. Jenny is an expert in these areas and helps our professionals focus on creating better lives in these areas. She will help build a plan and provide health directives that help both physically and mentally which leads to the overall health of our professional’s business lives.

Ana Maria Sanin -
Brand and Strategy Coach

Ana Maria Sanin has rocked the nation with her expert branding and has helped professionals take their personal and professional branding to an expert level with great ROI. Today Ana runs her own branding company and, as a Master Student of 20/20 VSC, she also has become an expert coach for us. With Ana, professionals journey from an unknown Social Media image all the way to monetary conversion. She helps professionals identify who they are and how they are going to get to their very best in this area. Image is at the paramount of forward marketing. Professionals must learn how to embrace this new way to market.  

Robin Lukason-
Relationship Coach

Robin coaches in Relationship from the perspective of learning how to increase the mutual value of a partnership that can thrive, unlock blocks, and build positive and forward momentum. Her 25 years of leadership and management experience and her current role leading Business Operations Performance for a top lender help professionals clear paths to increase production, performance, and teamwork through improved business relationships

Ray Befus - Executive Business Life Coach

Ray Befus is an expert coach with his own successful firm. Connecting with us has been a huge asset for our professionals, as he lends his services to all our students.   Ray has endless professional resources that provide exercises to help overcome challenges, focus, and drive to increased performance, and moreover to ensure their lives reach their goals through careful assessment of the bigger picture. 

Michael Hammond -
Growth Coach

Michael Hammond is a well-known professional in the mortgage industry who offers his own coaching services. Here at 20/20 VSC, Michael lends himself as an expert consultant for professionals wanting to start their businesses the right way, to scale with great return, and to focus on origination expertise. He is an incredible mentor with keen and laser focused expertise in our field. Michael leaves people wanting more.

Bill Foss -
Executive Coach Specializing in Business Clarity, and Alignment

Are you progressing in your business and career the way you really imagined you would? With over 40 years of real estate, sales, and entrepreneurial endeavors, Bill specializes in helping mortgage and real estate professionals optimize their businesses and careers and to gain clarity and alignment within themselves and within their businesses so they can 2x or 3x their income without sacrificing their personal lives.

Bill believes the best way to achieve optimal results is to design your business career, and life, to suit your innate genius and strengths. When you are aligned with a value-driven vision, backed by a clear roadmap to create it you will avoid procrastination, overwhelm, and other symptoms of being out of alignment.

Bill has proven when your business is aligned with who you are, your clients and referral partners will feel it! Your results will show it!

Bill invites you to book a session to begin to gain the clarity to create your business to serve your life, in your unique way.

Ski Swiatkowski -
Personal Leadership Coach

To win in the new mortgage marketplace , you must learn “Personal Leadership”. This is Coach Ski’s approach as he guides you to leverage your strengths and tap into your unused potential and resources. Because of his 37-year journey in the mortgage industry, you are able to access his experiences and powerful insights as a top producing originator, branch manager, corporate executive and business owner. He’s been in your shoes. As you gain clarity and direction, he will help you develop the mindset, focus and consistency of action it takes to succeed at any level. Be a leader!

Ruth Lee, CMB - Senior Leader Succession Coach

Ruth Lee, CEO & Founder of Big Think, offers select, elite executive and leadership coaching to ambitious mortgage banking professionals. As a 25+ industry veteran, a successful originator, and CEO, Ruth understands your journey and how to avoid obstacles detracting you from excellence. Ruth excels at helping you discover your best mortgage banker. Transition from a tactical player to a strategic leader. Understand how to extract the best from your diverse team. Sharpen your executive skills to improve communication and problem-solving. Investing in yourself starts by scheduling a one on one coaching session today.

Laura Brandao -
Executive Leadership and Growth Mindset Coach

We each have unique superpowers and there are no limits to potential. Join Laura as she shows you how to dream big and execute your vision by implementing OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). Laura is a 25-year mortgage veteran who started as a part-time telemarketer and created her own opportunities that have brought her to becoming the President and Partner of AFR and the Chair of the Women With Vision Board of Directors. Laura will disrupt you to dream bigger and be there to support and celebrate your wins.

Michael Collins -
Business Strategist and Success Mentor Coach

Michael Collins has been in the lending and real estate industry for 25+ years.  He was the President and Partner of a Mortgage Company for 16 years, worked on Wall Street and has been a real estate investor for 20+ years.  He has been a consultant and investor in numerous industries, ranging from transportation technology in Las Vegas to a high-end health club in NY.  Currently, Michael is a Partner in a Fix and Flip Hard Money fund that lends on projects nationwide.  He is a certified Life Coach by the Tony Robbins Organization and for the past half decade, has worked with Trevor McGregor, who is an internationally recognized success coach.  There is not much that hasn’t happened to Michael in his career and he enjoys sharing his stories with people so they can learn from his successes and failures.

Christine Beckwith -
Master Business Coach

Christine Beckwith, President of 20/20 VSC, lends her expertise in building origination platforms and businesses to the student body one large scale while continuing to provide individual, one on one coaching and group coaching weekly.  Her vision for professionals and her knowledge of the entire school curriculum (as the curator of the platform) allows her to deliver meaningful coaching sessions with professionals who need in-the-moment direction. Demonstrating a passion for success with an impeccable record she motivates and inspires people with her tactical advice that delivers high returns.

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