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20/20 Vision
Women With Vision
To Truly See Yourself You Must First Have A Vision
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20/20 Vision
Women With Vision
To Truly See Yourself You Must First Have A Vision
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20/20 Vision
Women With Vision
To Truly See Yourself You Must First Have A Vision
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Services I Offer

“We as a company, and me personally, are committed to a vow of excellence. I rise every day with a vigor for life, with a commitment to my health and fitness, with a desire to make a difference. It is my legacy and dream to change lives. This is my goal each time I offer advice, teach, and coach.”

Available Books

Win or Learn:
The Naked Truth

Twelve of the highest-ranking women executives in the banking industry join forces to provide a real and raw documentary of their unique journey’s to success in...

Wise Eyes:
See Your Way to Success

WHAT IF YOU HAD EYES FOR ALL THINGS that bring you success? What if you had a keen sense of focus on the priorities that render you the best return?The stories that punctuate...

Clear Boundaries:
Every Business Woman's Essential Safety Guide

Are you a woman who knows safety is important but are lost on the latest information to keep you safe? Are you a man who fears for the safety of your women colleagues...

Breaking the Cycle:
Hope Resilience Gratitude

These childhood friends forged independent yet woven paths to the very top of their respective and celebrated careers.Their stories give the readers engaging and thought-provoking insight in...

Awards Publications

A little About My Philosophy

“My life’s goals and accomplishments come from one place: deep inner emotion.”

In life we face obstacles and adversity, even in the midst of joy. Success is found in recognizing obstacles and overcoming them by trusting in our ability to seek knowledge and apply it. COVID19

Anyone can read a book. Anyone can take a class. Truly successful people are emotionally motivated and driven to run towards their goal and achieve their success. They seek knowledge, then learn and apply learning faster.

What My Clients Say

Blueprinting for Success is a dynamic, interactive program. Our sales force embraced the lessons and continues to put them to excellent use.
P. Wiles
Marr Companies
If you’re looking for a no-nonsense speaker with tangible how-to’s then look no further. After Christine spoke...I was ready to 10x my business. I wish I could carry her around with me everywhere I go!
Bruce Lund
90 Day Sales Manager
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