My mission is simple, it’s to help others know their WORTH, their true identity, & that they have a purpose for such a time as this. I am passionate about helping others live life more abundantly igniting and fueling growth in individuals helping them dig into and operate out of their core beliefs producing vitality personally and professionally! I am captivated by hearing people’s stories, finding out their why, their dreams, and what sets their soul on fire. I am all about helping others crush their goals and what they want to accomplish. I help empower high-performing people who feel stuck get unstuck, who feel like they have lost their way, and meaning find it. I understand firsthand the triumphs and struggles that exist for salespeople, athletes, wives, moms, and entrepreneurs and believe the answer to success and significance is within each one of us. I strive to encourage others on to reach for the sky and to excel still more. Life’s a peak…Keep Climbing Jenny is a hope dealer, a woman of faith, a wife of a former professional bull rider for over 31 years, mother of three amazing kids, has had a successful sales/relationship building career of over 33 years, a competitive all-around athlete, and a peak performance coach.