Stacey Jordan

Stacey brings 24 years of experience building a diversified real estate portfolio. Her primary goal was to develop and invest in various types of real estate, creating multiple income streams, and ensuring diversification to create stability both short and long-term, and ultimately use real estate to build wealth. Financial security has always been her highest priority and the reason for starting a real estate portfolio. Her sole purpose and desire are to help you take the first step towards owning and investing in real estate to build wealth. She will help you to avoid the pitfalls of owning and investing in  real estate. Stacey has flipped over 30 homes and has experience in foreclosures, mixed-use, commercial, vacation rentals, and short and long-term holds. She will help you understand how to use real estate to build wealth and find opportunities in every market. As a coach, Stacey will work with you on your goals and journey of investing in real estate and help you discover what passive income and diversification can do for you and your financial future.