About Us

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About Our Founder

20/20 Vision for Success Coaching was a vision founder Christine Beckwith had in 2006 while sitting on one of the beaches near her home in New Hampshire. She dreamed about a future running a top-in-class professional development company. That year she bought the domain for this website and held it until bringing the company to life in 2018.

After serving the American banking industry, specifically in mortgage finance for over 30 years, Beckwith hung up her hat and open the doors to a new chapter. Since 20/20 VSC’s inception, thousands of professionals have joined memberships providing lessons, coaching, and guidance to work through hundreds of sales and production topics, operations, and business tactics.

Today 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching certifies in a wide variety of courses on a vast array of business subject matter. Over twenty expert consultants also offer one-on-one services to hundreds of students by appointment and over 50 expert coaches are in a rotation of live classroom curriculum.  

At Our Core

Christine’s Philosophy

Emotion is the driving force behind human intellect, accomplishment, and success. If you cannot feel where you are going, you cannot SEE it either. As the visionary behind 20 / 20 Vision for Success, Christine brings her personal and professional philosophy into the firm.

This value core is infused in every aspect of the service provided by the 20 / 20 Vision for Success team. Beginning with your initial contact and continuing beyond your contracted time, 20 / 20 Vision is committed to your accomplishment and success.

The workshops we provide teach a range of subject matter focused on helping your company—through the efforts of your people—reach and exceed goals. The tactical matter of these workshops is vital to the application of any plan, yet it is the emotion that is evoked in the workshops that will drive each participant to feel and thus SEE how to get there.

In life we face obstacles and adversity, even amid joy. Success is found in recognizing obstacles and overcoming by trusting in our ability to seek knowledge and apply it. Anyone can read a book. Anyone can take a class. Truly successful people are emotionally motivated and driven to run towards their goal and achieve their success. They seek knowledge, then learn and apply learning faster.

Christine credits her success in sales, business management, and life to an ability to express and share emotion, evoke emotion while teaching, and help others express emotions. 20 / 20 Vision is built on a succession of refined processes enabling motivated participants to unleash inner drive and strive to success.

20 / 20 Vision for Success workshops can accelerate your ability to achieve through emotional awakening while you learn. Experience the benefits of 20 / 20 Vision for Success. See and feel YOUR POWER.

About Our Company

20/20 VSC is a sought-after resource for education in the real estate finance world. As experts, the company supplies speakers at events, group coaching, individual coaching, and progressive learning for professionals all across the country. We also publish two E-magazines, hold national events and retreats, and have an active swag store. Our brand is synonymous with the stellar business tactics we teach and, by example, run with great care, great culture, and great content. 

In 2022, the first of our Vision Retreat and Excursion events were brought to life. Visit our retreat site to learn more and schedule your own amazing event.  2020retreats.com 

In July of 2022 we opened a new division of our firm called VisionMark to provide expert marketing services under the 20/20 VSC brand. Please visit our website at 2020visionmark.net to learn more about our full-service, one-stop marketing firm supplying expert marketing for professionals across the nation.  

Contacting us is one of your first steps towards gaining your 20/20 vision for success. Learn how to gain these keen skills in execution and strategic business planning, how to unseat your competition, win the promotion, and how to lead a group of people to excellence. Learn how to excel in sales and service excellence, how to improve your workforce and ultimately your own eyesight for success.

We’d like to hear from those who are interested in having me share our knowledge with your company. A little more information about you and your company’s needs will ensure a custom, empowered conference. We will help you Feel the Power with our coaching, consulting, and training.