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"Christine Beckwith, award winning mortgage professional and best-selling author, wows the audience at the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers Annual Convention with a totally unique and powerful presentation of her Blue Print for Success and current book, "Wise Eyes".
Christine backs up her formula with numerous examples from real-life experiences based on her extraordinary personal performance in the mortgage industry and her personal life. Her presentation was simply mesmerizing, and the entire room was totally transfixed from beginning to end. Thank you, Christine!"
Mark T. Favaloro
President, NYAMB
"In today's uber-competitive mortgage landscape; product and pricing are the bare minimum needed to maintain market share. It's an engaged sales force with specific goals and metrics, combined with the right accountability partner that ultimately expands market share and enhances the bottom line. WE FOUND THAT PARTNER IN 20/20 VISION FOR SUCCESS COACHING".
Joseph Panebianco
CEO & President of Annie Mac Home Mortgage

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"In today's growing mortgage industry, it's sometimes difficult to keep up with every aspect of our daily tasks, which is why 20/20 Vision for Success Consulting is dedicated to watching you and your business grow not only individually but also as a whole. Christine Beckwith and her team do a deep dive into your company , and work diligently to ensure that they shape a plan with suitable tools that will work for you. THEIR COMMITMENT TO YOUR COMPANY'S SUCCESS IS UNDENIABLE; THERE IS TRULY NO BETTER TEAM TO PARTNER WITH".
Curt Tegeler
President & CEO, WebMax
"I work with Christine in the early 90's when she was a long and rising loan officer. Her ambition and drive to succeed was incessant as a witnessed today in her latest pursuits and accomplishments"
Nichols W. Caldwell
Loan Originator, Drew Mortgage Associates, Inc.
“If you’re looking for a no-nonsense speaker with tangible how-to’s then look no further. After Christine spoke...I was ready to 10x my business. I wish I could carry her around with me everywhere I go!”
Bruce Lund
President 90 Day Sales Manager
“Through vision, the development and execution of a plan, and her incredible ability to motivate others to perform at their highest level, Christine took our last place district to the top and maintained that level for her tenure. Her ability to inspire and motivate people is truly a gift.”
M. Campbell
Sales Manager
Christine manages and teaches our sales associates the core of our sales philosophy through motivational training and insightful best practices. Annie Mac offers a unique and niche real estate partnership platform that compares to no other industry competitor. That platform is managed and represented by Christine for Annie Mac Home Mortgage to great success!
AnnieMac Home Mortgage, MA
We are so happy to have the noteworthy & accomplished Christine Beckwith share her secrets on how to increase tech adoption after implementation. She's been there & done that with amazing success. We're looking forward to connecting with you at the next NEXT, Christine!
Jeri Yoshida
Co-Founder - NEXT Mortgage Events
“I felt uplifted and empowered. I can go out and give my best now. Christine is a true leader. She makes everyone feel as though they matter!”
Dawn Billiot
Denver CO
“We are motivated and work harder as a team and individually. Christine made us feel that our work was not just a job and that we are doing something special.”
Angela Clark
“Christine captivates and engages the audience with an interactive and creative style. Her business leadership experience & insight allow her to effectively adapt the content and delivery to the topic at hand. She motivated and energized me and my team.
Aaron Horvath
“Christine took the time to learn our business and mold her program to meet our needs. We’ll be calling her back again and again.”
P. Wiles
Marr Companies
Circle of Excellence Annual Contest Winner. #1 District of 11- 6 month contest. "Beckwith takes team from bottom to #1 in record breaking year"
H & R Block Mortgage
Year Breaker 2004-2005
I've watched Christine humbly rise through the ranks of her industry. She has a wealth of knowledge and willfully gives it at every turn. Her passion to see others succeed is what clearly drives her. From one organization to the next she leaves a trail of positivity, success and a powerful presence of can-do.
J. Robinson
Digital Media Operations Dir. - SiSo Pro
Mortgage Professional America includes Christine Beckwith in its “Elite Women in Mortgage” report — spotlighting “50 women who are rising stars in the industry.”
Mortgage Professional America
Elite Women 2015

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