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Win or Learn: The Naked Truth

Twelve of the highest-ranking women executives in the banking industry join forces to provide a real and raw documentary of their unique journey’s to success in a never before written book. Win or Learn—The Naked Truth presents the collective power of leading ladies who have moved the needle in the

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Analysis Paralysis. Are YOU Your Biggest Obstacle?

Originally published on LinkedIn, 2018 How Successful Sales People Quickly Analyze & Then Jump Into Action We all know people who share their big plans at the weekly sales meeting and then the next week, share their plans, and the next week share their plans, and the next week share

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Musical Chairs – How to Keep Yourself in a Solid Sales Seat

Originally published on LinkedIn, 2018 I have this feeling of total Déjà vu. We’ve been here before. Or have we?  I look back over the past 3 decades in mortgage and I see myself flipping my purchase business to refinance, managing lead teams, telephony on micro levels, back to purchase then back to

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Women With Vision Awards

It is with great pleasure that we announce winners of the 2019 Women With Vision Award. These women were nominated for this prestigious annual award and have become part of its inagural launch. The winners of this currated award were chosen by leaders from co-sponsor organizations, Mortgage Women Magazine and

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Meet the MENtors – Mat Ishbia & Melinda Wilner

A column by Christine Beckwith Originally published in Morgtage Women Magazine, July, 2019 So, I am standing in the back of this sun filled room with an ocean view to die for on the 32nd floor of the Diplomat Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  It’s a cocktail reception for the AIME Association

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Coaching is about you; about learning what it takes for you to earn the income you desire and achieve your goals. Are you confused and concerned about the changes in the market? Do you have a plan for your career? Is it a significant plan that provides a solid direction for growth? 20 / 20 Vision for Success Coaching guides you toward the success you envision.

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