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Master Coach and President 20 / 20 Vision for Success

A sought-after speaker on the real estate and mortgage finance circuit, Christine has broken glass ceilings and raised the bar for women in the mortgage industry for generations to come. An active member of MBA’s mPower Community, she is recognized for her editorial economic publications and guidance to mortgage industry professionals. Acclaim from her peers includes an interview by Marcia Davies in an mPower Moment for 2018 as one of the industry’s greatest contributors for her writing of the Best Selling co-authored book, Clear Boundaries: Every Business Woman Essential Safety Guide. In addition to Clear Boundaries, Christine has authored Wise Eyes: See Your Way to Success, which is a roadmap to success in life and career. She launched her third book, Breaking the Cycle with co-author Dr. Wendy L.Wright in early 2020. Christine is a speaker and teacher at the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers Association. As part of Tony Thompson’s NAMMBA she joined the ranks of the industry’s greatest women and minority leaders who make a difference in minority banking. 

In 2019 she became the first female anchor for the Mortgage Network News show. Christine is a contributor to many professional publications, both digital and print, including Mortgage Network News (The Beckwith Blog), NEXT Conventions, Mortgage Women’s Magazine, and Women in Technology Leadership. A keynote speaker, she shares with the greatest women leaders in the industry how they can position themselves within the industry for sales and networking results. She speaks on the delicate topic of the women’s movement in a fair and motivational way, challenging women to roll up their sleeves and make a difference as confident and contributing professionals. Giving completes a life-cycle for Christine because her start came from scholarship funds. She subscribes to the pay-it-forward philosophy. Her gifts are often spontaneous and have an emotional impact. In addition to creating a foundation to memorialize a childhood best friend and sponsoring school scholarships, Christine donates part of her Clear Boundaries royalties in memory of fallen co-workers. 

Christine's Philosophy

Emotion is the driving force behind all human intellect, accomplishment, and success. If you cannot feel where you are going, you cannot SEE it either. As the visionary behind 20 / 20 Vision for Success, Christine brings her personal and professional philosophy into the firm. 

This value core is infused in every aspect of the service provided by the 20 / 20 Vision for Success team. Beginning with your initial contact and continuing beyond your contracted time, 20 / 20 Vision is committed to your accomplishment and success. 

The workshops we provide teach a range of subject matter focused on helping your company—through the efforts of your people—reach and exceed goals. The tactical matter of these workshops is vital to the application of any plan, yet it is the emotion that is evoked in the workshops that will drive each participant to feel and thus SEE how to get there. 

In life we face obstacles and adversity, even in the midst of joy. Success is found in recognizing obstacles and overcoming them by trusting in our ability to seek knowledge and apply it. Anyone can read a book. Anyone can take a class. Truly successful people are emotionally motivated and driven to run towards their goal and achieve their success. They seek knowledge, then learn and apply learning faster. 

Christine credits her success in sales, business management, and life from an ability to express and share emotion, evoke emotion while teaching, and through helping others express their own emotions. 20 / 20 Vision is built on a succession of refined processes that enable motivated participants to unleash an inner drive and strive to success. 

20 / 20 Vision for Success workshops can accelerate your ability to achieve through emotional awakening while you learn. Experience the benefits of 20 / 20 Vision for Success. See and feel YOUR POWER. 

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Company Consulting

Your Elite Consulting Package guarantees exclusive access to 20 / 20 Vision President and Master Coach Christine Beckwith—not a subordinate. This comprehensive consulting package brings Christine into your facility to meet with executive and senior level sales managers. For developing strategies and planning for success.


While the topic may vary, each will focus on sales results and motivation. They deliver the kind of results that any firm looks for to develop their sales associates. Our workshops enable participants to rise to new levels when they implement the techniques learned from Christine Beckwith. Select the link to choose from workshop topics. 


...a fast path to success by applying seven principals to daily sales interactions


...walk away from your networking efforts with results be a master at the game with honed skills


...calculated and pinpointed follow through, follow up, and fall ahead executing on a plan means achieving superior results

What My Clients Say

“Christine took over a district of sales teams that had ranked near the bottom of the company in just about every measurable category- including morale. Through her vision, the development and execution of her plan, down to the very last detail, and her incredible ability to motivate others to perform at their highest level, Christine took our district to the top of the company in a very short period of time and maintained that level for her tenure as District Manager. Her ability to inspire and motivate people is truly a gift.”
Michael Campbell
Sales Manager, Maine

Mortgage News Networks Newest Anchor and Host

Christine, Mortgage News Networks Newest Anchor and Host of the ‘Power Women with Class’ Show Coming Early December 2018 where Christine highlights and interviews the highest ranking women in the mortgage industry and provides valuable insight for up and coming women on entering or surviving in the male dominated field of finance. Follow Christine on LinkedIn Here to see the 13 weekly episodes of Season 1. 

Safety Certification

Clear Boundaries is a book filled with stories; some frightful and some heartwarming, and all heartfelt. In Clear Boundaries, Jessica and Christine have brought together their passions and call upon shared experiences to provide real-life solutions and preventions that every woman – and every man who cares about a woman – in today’s world needs to know. Their mission is to save at least one life. Could that life be yours? That of a coworker? A friend? A loved one? Become part of the solution. Order Clear Boundaries and save a life today!

“For More Information on Safety & for the Clear Boundaries Safety Certification Class- Click here

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