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Realtor Business Planning

Christine Beckwith - National Director of Realtor and Sales Management

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Who is Christine Beckwith?
Start by watching her career biography video, highlighting over 30 years of industry experience!

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More About Christine

Custom Workshops Available

Have an industry topic your team needs? Want to get ahead of industry trends? Training a new sales or management force? Request a custom workshop. Realtor Business Planning, Sales Management, Networking Excellence and more are now available and tailored for your company.

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Christine's Philosophy

In life we have all faced and will face again many obstacles and adversity. Our success in recognizing these obstacles and overcoming them lies in our ability to seek knowledge and apply it. Anyone can read a book. Anyone can take a class. Really successful people are driven to run towards that goal and achieve that success because they are emotionally motivated to do so.  Read More <<<

Christine's Workshops

Turning her experience into exciting and engaging workshops, Christine will teach the right and quickest ways to reach personal and professional success. Learn how to gain these keen skills in execution and strategic business planning, how to unseat your competition, to win the promotion and how to lead a group of people to excellence. See Workshops <<<


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