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Contacting Christine + Requesting Workshops

Contacting Christine is one of the first steps towards gaining your 20/20 vision for success. Turning her experience into exciting and engaging workshops, Christine will teach the right and quickest ways to reach personal and professional success. Learn how to gain these keen skills in execution and strategic business planning, how to unseat your competition, to win the promotion and how to lead a group of people to excellence. Learn how to excel in sales and service excellence, how to improve your work force and ultimately your own eye sight for success.


I’d like to hear from those who are interested in having me share my knowledge with his/her company. A little more information about you and/or your company needs will insure a custom empowered conference. I will help you Feel the Power, Your Power with my many workshops. Click here to read about the many workshops I have to offer.


                                                                                          - Christine Beckwith


When booking Christine you will join the ranks of thousands of people who have experienced the power of 20/20 Vision for success. You will begin to believe in the power of your own hindsight, foresight and insight with Christine’s help. FEEL THE POWER, YOUR POWER to Focus and to SEE!

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