Blog 2: Staying in a Solid Sales Seat in 2019

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We now know the solutions for the rising rate  environments of the past will not work this time.  Or do we? Are you looking around right now for the  solutions? As a manager in this industry your  leadership is being called to the proverbial mat, but are you stepping up with the proper advice?

We no longer have 2/28’s with no MI and 95%  Investment No/No’s. We no longer have pre-paid penalties in trade of short term adjustable rate  mortgages, so we can’t just flip people into an  alternative solution.

No, we don’t have all the rabbits in the hats  anymore and so all those sales guys that needed a dog and pony show to pull off any sales in the past are going to struggle in today’s market; because, today, you need to be able to educate and gain the trust of the consumer. The way you choose to educate  on the rate environment needs to be an honest  depiction of our current world and if that is something you can’t do well or teach your originators to do well, then you will likely be one of the people left standing when the music stops playing.

So Now What?

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