Blog 1: Health and Wellness for Busy Professional Women

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This girl will keep on trucking, no giving up, no giving in.   That is so mentally tough and know it will call upon my fight, inner strength and ability to fight against urges to let go.

Despite slow results now, at my age, we all need a finish line when we run, a celebration point.  We need to see results so doing anything that is hard for little to see reward is hard.  But I’ve come to accept the benefits I outline above even if my physical presence doesn’t represent my efforts and commitment.

There is no easy path to physical fitness and diet.   Instead of looking at it as a short-term plan, you must make it part of your life, a lifestyle, if you will.  If you do this, you will be in it for the long haul.   I believe that women who can do this, dedicate to this into their later decades will have longevity in the department of our professional worlds.

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