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Christine's Philosophy

Emotion is the driving force behind all human intellect, accomplishment and success. If you cannot feel where you are going, you cannot SEE it either. My life’s goals and accomplishments both personally and professionally have all come from one place, my deep inner emotion. My workshops teach a wide variety of subject matter that focuses on helping companies and individuals reach their goals. The tactical matter of these workshops is vital to the application of any plan, yet it is the emotion that is evoked in my workshops that will drive you to feel and thus SEE how to get there.


In fact, in reflection of the success I have had in sales, business management and life all have come from my ability to express and share my emotion, evoke emotion while teaching and finally through helping others express their own emotions. I have unleashed their inner drive and motivation to succeed. Harvesting your emotion allows you to experience the spirit and soul of all success.


In life we have all faced and will face again many obstacles and adversity. Our success in recognizing these obstacles and overcoming them lies in our ability to seek knowledge and apply it. Anyone can read a book. Anyone can take a class. Really successful people are driven to run towards that goal and achieve that success because they are emotionally motivated to do so. Thus, they learn and apply that learning much faster and far more easily.


20/20 Vision for Success workshops will help you accelerate your ability to achieve your goals through emotional awakening while you learn. I have dared to be different my entire life, be open, speak openly, teach openly. Come and learn and experience the power of 20/20 Vision for success. Begin, seeing and feeling the power, YOUR POWER.


Christine Beckwith

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